Launch of agency website and update (four years later).
In 2008, Dieste began to move away from their image as a Hispanic-focused marketing agency. They wanted to reposition themselves as an agile agency partner work across a range of categories and audiences. To reflect this transition to a more versatile marketing company, we decided to create a site in which the visitor could shape and mold the agency’s logo. We created a custom "virtual clay" site app as a means to communicate with the user, in a clear "do, don't say" attitude. The rest of the site complemented this core idea while presenting the agency's portfolio.

Four years later, in 2012, Dieste's agency vision evolved a bit more and required a new site that conveyed the agency's new promise of multicultural market knowledge. We created a sub-brand called Provoke as a means of gathering and presenting information relevant to today's multicultural environment. It includes content that is updated daily, organized by theme, with a robust tagging and searching functionality. The agency's portfolio is presented using the same infrastructure.

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